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future/ing plant magic

My crisis of faith about writing/literature is over. Thanks to the full moon in aries and namely marvelous books I’ve recently read, I feel so inspired to create/write.

Actually, last night I had a download about composing a collection of stories, essays and poems that would be nammed future/ing plant magic. In this note, I’d like to compile all the sources I want to try to put in communication throught that project.


Some of thoses resulting pieces would include one named to kill a politician with poisonous plants about (non-)violence and plants intelligencia and another one would be the oracle of invisible demons which would be a speculative future design essay potentially accompanied by a short story.

So themes that would be explored in this collection future/ing plant magic would be : [time], [violence], [transnationalism], [plant agency], [plant communication], [spirituality/religion], [climate change], [narratives], [death], [anthropocene].