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Hello, my name is Ariane Beaudin (they/she). I’m a writer, tarot practitioner and glitch artist based in Tiohti:áke, in so-called Canada. My work is anchored in the ethics of care and in anticapitalist praxis. I also like to think of myself of some kind of organic intellectual.

In the past, I’ve studied liberal arts, international relations and laws and computer science. Now I’m in a mix of cultural and political studies.

Deep down, I just want to run away and open a farm though. The more cool and official version of that is that I will co-create an eco-village with my friends.

My fields of interest include, but are not limited to, urban agriculture, magical realism, critical studies of psychology, community building and (non-monogamous) love.

I am trying to become known on the internet namely via two alter egos of mine.
The first being The Glitch Witch, who is the persona through whom I am creating a body of glitch art, where I am experimenting namely about propaganda, queerness and sex magick. The second being L’Oracle du Shlag, with whom I am offering divination service to help navigating (and eroding) this capitalist hellscape.

I used to be quite active in the climate activist movement (2019-2020), namely in the organization of student strikes. Right now, I am somewhat politically homeless but I’m trying to do my part here and there, learning my revolutionary history slowly but surely meanwhile.

Oh, and also, I miss coding and all that jazz. I am a Neo4J nerd, if you are ever looking for a real weird Neo4J nerd. I’ve got nothing to show to prove of that nerdy-ness though. And also again, I can correct and edit stuff in French, please hire me, I love to do that kind of stuff.

You can always reach out to me by email at [email protected] or with a DM on Instagram.

And I’ll leave you on this wannabe portfolio of mine. Au plaisir!

Published work
Pour une littérature ambitopique, mars 2020, L’Heuristique.
Vers un féminisme queer, AGEnda 2019-2020 de l’AGECVM.
Vers une reconnaisance des droits et de la dignité des travalleur-euse-s du sexe, AGEnda 2019-2020 de l’AGECVM.
Suite poétique, vol 25(1) 2021, Main blanche (maintenant Grands Espaces).

Le comité Envieuxronnement et les grèves étudiantes pour le climat, novembre 2019, Radio du Vieux.
Changements individuels versus changements systémiques et éco-anxiété, décembre 2019, Radio du Vieux.

Others things/events worth mentionning
Panéliste, Café citoyen du Cégep du Vieux Montréal : Environnement = engagements, septembre 2019.
Animatrice, débat électoral de la circonscription de Laurier-Sainte-Marie, octobre 2019.
Récipiendaire de la Médaille du Lieutenant-gouverneur pour la jeunesse, 2019.
Candidate indépendante pour le poste de conseillère de ville dans Hochelaga, 2021.